Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fierce Love

There is time enough for solitude, a cautious heart, and gray reflections of the past. This is not that time. This is time for the fierce love of God-Goddess, Shiva and Shakti.

Surrender everything to this love because it will demand everything of you. And it will not hold you, not the way you think. There is no other way. No other direction but “Yes.” The path out is always through (although you waste so much precious time arguing and pretending otherwise). You want to go back to a time when things made sense. You want to retreat to safety but it doesn’t exist. You go back but it’s all different now; no one remembers you.

There is only surrendering to this moment. This heart cracking open to the Beloved. Letting go of everything including the having of You. When I follow the long wet tunnel of wanting, to the end where the light is, I arrive at the beginning. At the Source, the origin of you-me-we.

The Shiva Shakti union is the epic love that generates the stars and snails. Ancient Tantrica’s making love in the carnage of the burial grounds. Life defying death. Death eating life. Sun illuminating the moon. Red blood swirling into the white pearl drops of semen. We see them dancing together in every microcosmic orb: spinning, ecstatic, erotic, disintegrating into wholeness, whole-yes, holiness.

Shiva sits on the earth, crown to the sky, a column of pure presence. Shakti straddles him, her back to us, piercing his heart with her own, undulating with life inside of his immense embrace.

I am learning how to sit with my back to the door at restaurants now. Learning to soften and surrender to your skillful means, protective care, watchful eye.

Celebrating the authority of Shiva, author of presence and clear direction. Celebrating Shakti as she wraps herself around him, fleshing out the story with her vibrant light-color-beauty. A love story. A tale of origin. We cannot write it alone.

Love fiercely, Dear Ones.

In this time of thanksgiving, I bow in gratitude to you.


  1. So beautiful Lisa! Your words and spirit remind me of what's available when we choose to surrender to divine source ~ The Path Through. Feeling such gratitude for you in my life sweet sister! Di

  2. I love these words, they are images that dance to the tune of my inner longing. A hunger that always drives me, use me and bring me to expansion and experiences beyond my imagination. I also abuse it when I don't let it have its concious dance with me. Thank you! And happy thanxgiving!

  3. yes yes yes!!!! the words of my heart and soul AND what i am blessed to be experiencing in partnership now! :) thank you and fierce love to you sister!!!!