Monday, September 27, 2010

"Memory in the Cells" Author Luis Diaz Talks with Lisa about Sex

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day number 8 of the Virtual Blog Tour for Memory in the Cells by author Luis Angel Diaz.

Newly translated from the popular Spanish edition, author Luis Diaz describes his book Memory in the Cells as “where Eckhart Tolle meets What the Bleep Do We Know, but taking you on a much more practical journey.” He says Memory in the Cells teaches “emotional education” and shows the reader how to transform the “pain body” into the “joy body”, helping to heal all aspects of their lives.

Yesterday, Luis visited Yvonne Perry’s blog at For today’s stop on the tour, I decided to ask Luis some questions about sexuality, pleasure, joy and the heart connection.

* * * * *

Lisa: You speak a lot about aligning ourselves with the “flow of life” in your new book. Can you speak about how that life flow is specifically connected to our sexuality and what happens when we resist or suppress that?

Luis: Sexuality is the one area where we mostly have stagnation, because we have been brought up in a culture that chooses sex as the target for all sort of blame and accusations! Sex is linked to sin and sin is linked to shame, fear and guilt. These are the most contractive emotions we hold in our bodies when it comes to sexuality. That leads to all sort of physical, emotional and mental imbalances. But for me, sexuality is creativity and interconnection with all life. Therefore, awakening and opening those contractions in our bodies leads to a more vibrant, creative and alive state of being.

Lisa: In your work you speak about the pain body and the joy body. Is there such a thing as too much pleasure? How do we distinguish between healthy, “joy body” sexual pleasure and becoming “excessive” or addictive in our desire?

Luis: Only the person having the experience can decide what is excessive or addictive and that's based on their own awareness and programming. In my own experience, pleasure is linked to the satisfaction of my needs. Therefore, it has different connotations, depending on the nature of the need. I've observed that the joy body in me operates at a very abstract energy level that is difficult for my mind to comprehend and at the same time, it operates at a very physical level, like when I enjoy the pleasure of eating a piece of chocolate. So, in the sexual area for me, the difference is not moralistic, but energetic. And it´s based on the feelings we have while and after the event. There is the pleasure of the joy body which is moving and flowing and there is the programmed cultural pleasure with the ideas I have about myself and what is going on with the other person that feels toxic and confusing most of the times.

Lisa: I very much appreciate the emphasis in your work on the heart and emotional health. Can you speak to differences between the masculine and feminine in this realm and specifically what male/female couples can do to support each other with greater heart connection during lovemaking?

Luis: Even though female and male have their different roles, they share some very important traits that need to be present to create trust and quality in a relationship. For me, what we do during lovemaking is not relevant at all if there is not quality built in the relationship prior to it.

Mutual support and acceptance; giving space and autonomy to each other; showing care and affection; offering respect and honoring; bringing honesty and integrity to the communication plus allowing the other to feel and think whatever they want to, will create a very deep and trusting flowing that builds the container for a greater trust and heart connection. Seeing the other as an equal and respecting their presence as a friendly creative force in my life, facilitates the connection and exchange of beauty while we both grow together.

* * * * *

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Friday, August 6, 2010

To be Worshiped by Your Lover, First Worship Yourself

Perhaps you saw the posting recently from my friend Arjuna Ardaugh telling men “Why its Wise to Worship a Woman.” From the responses I heard from women, I think it’s safe to say that if Arjuna was not so happily married to my dear sister friend Chameli, he would have no trouble getting a date right now.

I hear a collective cry of longing from my women for this kind of cherishing from men; “How can I find a guy (or get my current partner) to worship me that way?” Without question, being honored this way is an unparalleled gift. Most women want to be opened slowly and deeply, to have our Beloved move with reverence through the inner gateways and into the ruby-lined sanctuary where our most precious gifts of love and passion reside. I believe that when the masculine and feminine merge in that realm, an alchemical process happens that transforms them and illuminates the world. It’s why I’m a devoted student and teacher of sacred sexuality and Tantra.

Back here on planet earth, however, the medical establishment reports that over 50% of women currently suffer from “FSD” or Female Sexual Dysfunction (which includes lack of interest in sex). Clearly, we are a far cry away from worshiping the inner sanctuary! We seem to have a veritable epidemic of “dysfunctional” women. Perhaps, just maybe, the feminine body, in her infinite wisdom, is saying “No” to sex that doesn’t touch her heart, feed her soul, and honor her essence.

We’ve already expended far too much of our precious life force energy bitching about how men just “don’t get it.” We fantasize about Mr. Worship riding up on his white stead and sweeping us off to his pleasure palace to initiate us into ecstatic states. We’ve also compromised our health and cut ourselves off from our SHAKTI, our feminine succulence and radiance by pretending we can live without our sensual vitality.

Enough of that! Here’s the good news (or bad news depending on how empowered you’re currently feeling).

If you want to be worshiped by your man or lover,
you must FIRST worship yourself.

To attract the lover who will be inspired to worship the divine feminine within you, YOU must worship the divine feminine within you. You must know that place deep inside, honor your body, speak your truth, open your heart to your own flawed perfection, surrender to your mysterious wildness, and burn in the flame of your own fierce passion. When I know myself as “worship-able,” then I attract a lover who recognizes that in me.

Arjuna’s beautiful wife is my soul sister friend, Chameli and her life’s work is Awakening Women to their divine essence. I have learned so much about honoring the sacred feminine by watching how Chameli cares for, loves and celebrates her own feminine essence. In cherishing herself, she inspires worship from her Beloved.

The very good news is that there’s nothing to “do” because you are already divine. It is an “un-doing” and a relaxing into the “real” goddess within. Allow yourself to fall madly in love with the feminine essence inside of you—her dark moods, her irrational rants, her infinite capacity to love, her willingness to surrender completely. As you discover and honor her, her radiance will increase. Others will be drawn, inexplicably, to her light. And what else can we do in the face of such beauty, in the atmosphere of such love, in the fragrance of such perfume, but bow our heads in worship.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Come to Your Senses

Awakening the senses brings us present in the body—a prerequisite for true intimacy and sizzling sex. Engaging our sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing and seeing signals the body to open more deeply to pleasure and provides a gateway to more ecstatic sexual experiences.

First things first—take a look at your lovemaking space. Does it look like a sacred tantric temple, a bachelor pad or a dorm room? Get rid of the clutter: the “stuff,” anything work-related, the stacks of books, magazines, and mail. Once you’ve got a clean slate, add in colors, beautiful objects, sensual images and anything that makes your space visually sensual to you. (Best not to have a TV or computer in your temple space, but if you insist, at least cover it up.)

Put on something sensual! Guys, you may love your old holey sweat pants but they probably don’t turn her on. Use flowers, incense, fragrant candles or essential oils to add perfume to the air and delight your sense of smell. Choose music for the mood, listen to twinkling wind chimes, moan and talk sexy in your lover’s ear (YES!).

Engage your taste buds with sweet, sour, and salty treats. Suck on slippery mango, lick chocolate sauce off her nipple, or give him a sip of fine Port--from your mouth. Ignite your tactile senses with feathers, furs, velvet, silks, and satins. And don’t forget the edgier delights of scratching, pinching, spanking, and biting. This is also a great time of year to play with ice cubes.

Notice if you favor some senses but ignore others. Try a “sensory awakening” exercise where you each take turns receiving--blindfolded. Or if you’re single, give yourself this gift. Go slow. Have fun. Notice how some time devoted to awakening the senses opens up your body and shifts, expands or deepens your lovemaking.

What are your favorite ways to awaken the senses?

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