Saturday, April 9, 2011

Increasing Your Abundance with Lakshmi

Part of our Awakening Shakti practice is to balance our mental and masculine “do-do-do” with our embodied feminine power of deep receptivity. The more we practice, the more we effortlessly magnetize to us what’s desired from our feminine radiance rather than exhausting ourselves trying to make it happen.

I offer you the Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, as one of the most magically feminine avenues for calling in the abundance you seek, whether that looks like the gold coins that fall from her hands, loving your own beauty, or knowing your own divine wealth.

With the tulip bulbs bursting through the soil and sunshine back full force after months of chill shadow, the audacious sexy exuberance of springtime mirrors Lakshmi’s abundant energy.

As the goddess of both material and spiritual prosperity, Lakshmi delights in the sensual pleasures of the earth realm so she hovers quite near to us. She loves your perfume, the swell of your breasts, the mango juice on your tongue, how happy you are when there’s plenty of money and your generosity flows.

Allow yourself to see your world through her eyes--the beauty color texture everywhere around you. Offer your daily gratitude, like rose petals at her feet, for all that is expanding in your life.

Several years ago I had an intuitive reading and the practitioner told me, “Some goddess named ‘Lakshmi’ really wants to make sure that you know she is one of your primary allies; I’d never heard of her so I asked her to spell her name so I could get it right.”

Although I was familiar with Lakshmi, I started taking our relationship much more seriously after that. Shortly after, I received a large stone statue of Lakshmi as a gift and placed it on the Fung Shui “wealth” corner of my deck. She is surrounded by flowers now and her lap is filled with crystals, special stones, coins and other offerings.

Perhaps your gremlin mind says, “It can’t possibly be that easy.” So spoken by the entity in you that thrives on struggle, negativity, pain and chaos. Consider the source and don’t let that voice stop you.

More of Lakshmi’s abundance, grace and beauty is yours when you remember to ask for it. Remember to praise her lavishly (she loves that). Keep reassuring your heart that’s it’s really safe for you to open and receive life’s bounty.

Maybe you’re not done mucking around in the old story of lack and not enough and it’s all up to me to make it happen, if only....

That’s OK. We all hang out there sometimes until it gets too painful or just plain boring. Lakshmi waits patiently.

When we call on her, a manifestation of our own abundant Shakti life force energy, we co-author an entirely different story. We’ll have new challenges of course and new questions to be with: “How do I manage all this abundance? Who will I share it with? How do I get used to feeling all this orgasmic joy?” I personally find these to be much more interesting questions to grapple with.....

Mind the company you keep and put yourself in community with those who create and attract abundance. The Awakening Shakti community is a great place to begin. Join this sisterhood of awakening women committed to a new earth and the full expression of our feminine power, embodied love, and sensual energy.

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