Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shakti You Were Made For These Times

We Were Made For These Times

So I heard years ago from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, wise words that continue to comfort me.

I gave myself the gift of a break this summer to “breathe out,” lay on hot rocks by the river, and relish precious time with my daughter before she left for college.

It’s why, although I’ve been sending y'all my heart energy regularly, you haven’t seen much in the way of electronic communications from me lately. Shakti is back with creative juices flowing.

I spent three days after settling my daughter into her dorm in a frenzy of cleaning and organizing my nest, as if preparing for a birth (my own obviously). In purging a decade of papers and files, I cried over handmade mother’s day cards and the photos of us in what seemed like more simple times (but of course they weren't then).

I’m sitting in an even emptier nest now. Feeling into the stillness. Breathing in my solitude. Letting go. Letting go again. Wondering who I am now. Excited and so curious about what is coming next.

I feel the satisfaction of a job well done. I know exactly where to find all my documents, neatly filed and thoroughly labeled, precisely where they are supposed to be. My daughter, a brilliant young goddess, is happy and off making her music in the world.

I also feel anxious. Although there is not a hurricane bearing down on my neighborhood at this particular moment, I am part of this human family. Nothing like mother nature to knock the legs out from under any illusion we have of control.

But I’m telling myself that maybe it’s not so crazy to arrange the deck chairs when the ship is heading for the iceberg. Maybe that’s exactly what needs to happen to bring in the light of sanity, beauty, faith. Maybe that can even help us steer clear of calamity.

We seem to be arriving at the place we’ve all been talking about and preparing for: times of change and shift and transformation, whether that’s your daughter leaving home, your home mortgage being upside down, or your home literally being blown across town.

What I know is that we were made for these times and our survival depends upon our loving connection to the earth, ourselves, each other, and Spirit.

The Awakening Shakti teachings and practices I have to offer you are all about cultivating your inner resources for staying connected and navigating these times. The LOVE, SPIRIT and ENERGY that is your Shakti power will light your path, ground you, and help you tap you into gratitude no matter what comes your way. It's alive in your feminine body and you can awaken it.

Stop trying to do it alone. No more time for that nonsense. It’s your feminine nature to be in sisterhood. More efficient too because transformation happens deeper and faster inside sacred circle together. We long to laugh, cry, celebrate and grieve together--it’s so much better that way.

Two big things coming up to support you with awakening more of that Shakti power. Come to Northern California and take your place in our sacred circle of 12 women at the annual Fall Shakti Women’s Retreat Level 1 in my beautiful temple home on the river. Wow. Words cannot describe what awaits you here.

If traveling is out of the question or you’d prefer to be in an intimate, on-going phone coaching group with sisters from around the world, the next Unleash Your Shakti Power Initiation Program launches on Sept. 22. Profound and utterly beautiful what's happening in these Initiation groups.

Want to work one-on-one? Contact me for a private phone Coaching Session and let’s go deep together. We’ll wake up that goddess in you and get her rolling, exactly at your pace.

With big love and blessings to you,