Friday, August 6, 2010

To be Worshiped by Your Lover, First Worship Yourself

Perhaps you saw the posting recently from my friend Arjuna Ardaugh telling men “Why its Wise to Worship a Woman.” From the responses I heard from women, I think it’s safe to say that if Arjuna was not so happily married to my dear sister friend Chameli, he would have no trouble getting a date right now.

I hear a collective cry of longing from my women for this kind of cherishing from men; “How can I find a guy (or get my current partner) to worship me that way?” Without question, being honored this way is an unparalleled gift. Most women want to be opened slowly and deeply, to have our Beloved move with reverence through the inner gateways and into the ruby-lined sanctuary where our most precious gifts of love and passion reside. I believe that when the masculine and feminine merge in that realm, an alchemical process happens that transforms them and illuminates the world. It’s why I’m a devoted student and teacher of sacred sexuality and Tantra.

Back here on planet earth, however, the medical establishment reports that over 50% of women currently suffer from “FSD” or Female Sexual Dysfunction (which includes lack of interest in sex). Clearly, we are a far cry away from worshiping the inner sanctuary! We seem to have a veritable epidemic of “dysfunctional” women. Perhaps, just maybe, the feminine body, in her infinite wisdom, is saying “No” to sex that doesn’t touch her heart, feed her soul, and honor her essence.

We’ve already expended far too much of our precious life force energy bitching about how men just “don’t get it.” We fantasize about Mr. Worship riding up on his white stead and sweeping us off to his pleasure palace to initiate us into ecstatic states. We’ve also compromised our health and cut ourselves off from our SHAKTI, our feminine succulence and radiance by pretending we can live without our sensual vitality.

Enough of that! Here’s the good news (or bad news depending on how empowered you’re currently feeling).

If you want to be worshiped by your man or lover,
you must FIRST worship yourself.

To attract the lover who will be inspired to worship the divine feminine within you, YOU must worship the divine feminine within you. You must know that place deep inside, honor your body, speak your truth, open your heart to your own flawed perfection, surrender to your mysterious wildness, and burn in the flame of your own fierce passion. When I know myself as “worship-able,” then I attract a lover who recognizes that in me.

Arjuna’s beautiful wife is my soul sister friend, Chameli and her life’s work is Awakening Women to their divine essence. I have learned so much about honoring the sacred feminine by watching how Chameli cares for, loves and celebrates her own feminine essence. In cherishing herself, she inspires worship from her Beloved.

The very good news is that there’s nothing to “do” because you are already divine. It is an “un-doing” and a relaxing into the “real” goddess within. Allow yourself to fall madly in love with the feminine essence inside of you—her dark moods, her irrational rants, her infinite capacity to love, her willingness to surrender completely. As you discover and honor her, her radiance will increase. Others will be drawn, inexplicably, to her light. And what else can we do in the face of such beauty, in the atmosphere of such love, in the fragrance of such perfume, but bow our heads in worship.

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