Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do I Need a Partner for Tantra?

I often get the question, “Do I need a partner to practice Tantra?” either from singles or from those in partnership with someone uninterested in or resistant to exploring sacred sexuality.

The short answer is, “No, you don’t need a partner to practice Tantra.” Think of it like dancing. You can have a rocking good time by yourself getting your groove on. And dancing with another can magnify the experience: your energy together could rise into ecstasy or descend into something all bumbly and awkward.

As a dancer and a Tantrika, I’m practicing being in my own energy and wholeness first, before engaging with others. I’m learning to create my own bliss and take responsibility for my own turn-on. This allows me to move through my day in communion with the orgasmic tremor of life, pulsing all around us with sensuality, sexuality, mojo, beauty, and love. This is what the work of “Awakening Shakti” is all about.

It feels really good to live this way; it keeps my body healthy and makes me happy; I have a lot more energy for my family, work and community. It’s also taken some practice to realize that this experience is not dependent on my relationship status, my bank balance, how I look in my jeans—or anything else that fluctuates dramatically in my life.

Yes, it is exquisite to dance with and love another. We were born yearning for this kind of communion and it can be beautiful, sacred, and holy. My feminine body hungers for the masculine--we’re talking the real, sweaty, salty, beautiful body of a man, not some concept. Tantra with another can be an unsurpassed, ecstatic celebration of physical and spiritual union.

All that, however, begins with the individual. Whether you find yourself single or partnered, a space for miracles opens up when you begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with your own divine life force energy or Shakti. Explore the erotic dance of your inner marriage of masculine and feminine aspects. Make love to yourself, make love to life, know your heart as the Source of love. Expand your capacity to receive pleasure. Bask in your own radiance not as a strategy to get the attention of another (although doing so authentically will make you irresistibly attractive) but simply because it’s your essence to exude the “perfume of fermenting joy.”

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  1. Sister Goddess WildcherryMarch 19, 2011 at 8:12 PM

    Thank you for this exquisite art form presented as a wordsmith of high degree. I am learning how to awaken My Shakti. My inner goddess bows in recognition of the goddess within you. I am grateful for your light bearing of truth to me at this time.

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